• Employee found guilty of habitual absenteeism and tardiness not entitled to economic assistance
  • “No work no pay” scheme is not significant in determining employer-employee relationship
  • Requirement for appeals involving monetary award
  • Admissibility of evidence submitted for the first time on appeal
  • Permanent disability and Total disability; Meaning
  • Dismissal based on grounds not alleged in the notice of termination not necessarily illegal
  • Dismissal of corporate officer falls under the jurisdiction of regular courts not NLRC
  • Labor-only contracting; Pure supply of manpower to assist in sales and distribution of products is prohibited as labor-only contracting
  • Suspension of labor-claims during corporate rehabilitation
  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy; Importance of confirmatory test after drug test
  • POEA Standard Employment Contract; Permanent disability defined
  • POEA Standard Employment Contract; Compensation and benefits for injury or illness; Effect of failure of seafarer to submit himself for medical examination within 3 days from repatriation
  • Executory character of assumption and certification order
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  • Drug use in employer’s premises constitutes serious misconduct
  • Lack of written notices entitles employee to award of nominal damages
  • Simple misconduct does not merit employee’s dismissal from service
  • Proof that employer acted maliciously or in bad faith not necessary for award of attorney’s fees
  • When transfer of employee is tantamount to constructive dismissal
  • Loss of confidence must be based on a willful breach of trust to justify dismissal
  • Willful breach of trust; Definition
  • “Doctrine of strained relations”; Requirements for application of the doctrine
  • When corporate officer may be deemed employee of the company
  • Ibid.; Jurisdiction over money claims
  • Labor claims cannot proceed pending rehabilitation of employer-corporation

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  • Right to Reinstatement
  • Reinstatement Meaning
  • Remedy when Reinstatement is no Longer Possible
  • Doctrine of “Strained Relations” Concept
  • Right to Backwages
  • Backwages Meaning
  • Effect of Failure to Claim Backwages
  • Computation of Backwages
  • Methods of Computing Backwages
  • Illegal Dismissal Without Backwages
  • Separation Pay
  • Amount of Separation Pay: Formula
  • Cases
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Regional Director; Jurisdiction over monetary claims; Exceptions clause. The power of the Regional Director to hear and decide the monetary claims of employees is not absolute. The last sentence of Article 128 (b) of the Labor Code, otherwise known as the “exception clause,” provides an instance when the Regional Director or his representatives may be […]

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