Retirement Age Retirement is one of the modes of termination of employment. By retirement, the employment is terminated when the employee has reached a certain age, or after he has completed a certain number of years of service. Under the Labor Code (Art. 287), an employee may be retired upon reaching the retirement age established […]

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  • Burden of proof to show dismissal for cause rest upon employer
  • Abandonment of work cannot be presumed from equivocal acts
  • Elements of abandonment
  • Award of attorney’s fees in action for recovery of wages or illegal dismissal
  • Elements of valid retrenchment
  • Position of a cashier requires high degree of trust and confidence
  • “Ample reason to distrust” sufficient basis to dismiss employee occupying position of trust and confidence
  • Subcontractual employees directed to continue their duty after termination of contract become employee of the principal
  • Mere absence of employee not sufficient to prove abandonment of work
  • Burden of proof to show compliance with two notices requirement
  • Where to serve notice in case of abandonment of work […]
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